Hey everyone, it’s been too long since you’ve watched this. I don’t care when you last watched it. Unless you’re literally watching it while you read this, it has been too long since you’ve watched it.


'black widow!! is it true that you're sleeping with captain america?'

the three-second clip of nat smirking and responding, coyly, ‘sure, which one?’ plays on the news for what steve’s sure is a perfect 24-hour loop

'this is a nightmare' steve says

'whatever' nat says. 'it was quicker than saying 'actually i'm currently in a complicated but loving relationship with all three captain americas and we  fucked each other tenderly just this morning”

'oh my god' steve says

bucky shrugs. ‘well she’s not wrong’

sam sighs dreamily while watching the clip repeat on tv again. ‘i love my new promotion’


We do have Lindsay and Michael on the same team, so it is gonna be uh- You know, they’re always like makin’ out in the corner and like, Gavin’s always right there in the middle of it like holding both hands and like they’re all kissing each other. It’s, it gets weird in the room a little bit.